KTW High-speed Precision Dosing

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Ultra-fast Dosing Precision

Why use HSPD?

Post-dosage concept

Post-dosage refers to the process where the filling line fills the base drink, while flavorings and additives are post-dosed outside the filler. The ingredients are mixed during transport. Until now, this form of filling has been hampered by the high speed and accuracy requirements, which is eliminated by the innovative KTW High-speed Precision Dosing System.

Why use HSPD?

Valve Technology from Spacetech

The KTW High-speed Precision Dosing System uses a valve technology, which was originally developed by the German Aerospace Center for the Rosetta spacecraft. Created for exceptional demands on durability and performance under the most adverse of conditions, it has been brought to market maturity by KTW Technology.

Our key features

High Speed Dosing

Up to 2,000 doses per minute or 120,000 doses per hour

Micro amount of dosage

From 0.3ml to several liters

High Accuracy

The repeat accuracy equal to or above 98% depending size

Large Pressure Area

0,5 bis 1.000 bar

High Adaptability

Easily adaptable to any filling line and any type of containers

High flexibility

Simple adaptation of new recipes or filling strategies

Customizing Options

3 main power classes
Customize as your need

Many applications

Gas and liquid media
Wide temperature range (-200°C to +400°C)

Long service life

> 5 biliion switching cycles

German quality

Manufactured in Germany

Cost Effectiveness

Attractive financial plan
Rapid return on investment


Less cleaning. Minimal waste.
80% less resource consumption.

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