Green Project of KTW Systems – Huge reduction of pesticides cosumption in agriculture

We all know the tractors with their big arms or the spray planes, that spray huge amounts of pesticides across the fields. Also, the discussions and demonstrations about glyphosate are still in our ears!


KTW Systems has the solution for all this problems for our environment. This project is one our contribution to make the world to a better place.

Regarding our Vision:

Our solutions lead to new standards in the High-tech Industry. We design innovations with experience and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

We are developing al valve for sensor controlled extraction. Due to the fact that our valve is able to realize real time applications, we combine the valve with a camera-sensor system, which is able to detect weed or crop and the  size of the crop. A control unit processes the image processing and sends the commands to the stochastically fast switching valve.

real-time capable dosing unit:

This project „Valve for sensor controlled extraction“ is very promising, because it has an enormous impact on the consumption of plant protection products and the protection of the environment.



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