KTW Realtime Valves rock the filling industry: increase quality and efficiency with huge cost savings

Valves are a dominant factor in filling technology – in number and importance.

Fast or slow – just these two fill speeds are available with conventional valves.

The market is dominated by elaborate electropneumatic valves, which are characterized by low adaptability, insufficient service life, high space requirements, high energy consumption and a complex infrastructure.

Our valve technology solves all topics of filling technology!

  • No complicated construction or peripherals – only the valve and the electronic control is required!
  • Performance enhancement: Filling speeds can be adapted to the product or the requirements for greater efficiency
  • Drastically reduced space requirement
  • Saves energy costs and media due to lack of compressed air and low power requirement on the valve
  • Less production disruptions due to trouble-free working valve
  • Improved filling quality by avoiding overfilling and underfilling as well as non-existent hygiene issues of a pneumatic solution.

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