Story of Titan Matrix Composites – Episode 2: History

Aerospace engine and airframe designers are constantly seeking lighter weight high strength materials to reduce weight and improve performance of powerplants and aircraft. They have to reduce the costs per kg they send into space or air! Metal Matrix Composites subject to a high level of research efforts.

Titanium metal matrix composites (Ti MMCs) have offered the promise of significant weight savings since their initial development in the early 1960s, but in the past their inadequate quality and reproducibility combined with high processing and materials costs have prevented their introduction into production applications. The documentation describes the state-of-the-art for TMC aerospace fabrication and the recent advances in processing which are now leading to high quality, affordable TMC components. Please contact us if you want to study the documentation:

TMC was developed in the German Aerospace Center (DLR) by our founder Klaus Weber. This technology is based on our patents.

How engineers of KTW  transferred TMC to production maturity, you can learn in Episode 3!

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