TMC – the ultimate problem solver

KTW Systems – Driven by Innovation – is proud to announce the development of a Titan Matrix Composite, which is able to reduce weight by getting a higher strength and stiffness!

Titanium Matrix Composites (TMC) is a composite made of Ti-Alloy and Si-C fiber. TMC is a problem solver , especially for aerospace and medical tech and replaces a high number of standard components. TMC is very suitable in environments where high forces occur and lightweight components with high strength and stiffness are required.

Our process for the production of reinforced components with Si-C fiber offers the best possible properties and a wide variety in production.

The extraordinary features of TMC convinced the Russian Aircraft industry (, and they started to implement TMC .

Compared to high strength steel shows TMC a lot of adavantages:

  • up to 50% weight reduction
  • up to 75% more strength at 600 degrees Celsisus
  • up to 25% higher stiffness
  • much less elongation


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Comparison: TMC – High Strength Steel :


Density in g/cm³                                                        4

Strength in Mpa                                                      2200

Strenght at 600°C in Mpa                                     1400

Stiffness in Gpa                                                        210

Elongation in %                                                        1,3



High Strength Steel









Typical applications of TMC:

Turbine / Fan Blades (weight less 30%)

Impeller Blade Wheel (weight less 30%)

Inlet/Outlet Valves (weight less 15%)

Connecting Rod (weight less 10%)

Stud Bolt (weight less 40%)

Piston Pin (weight less 40%)

Drive Shaft (weight less 50%


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