Welding in high vacuum: perfect quality at reasonable costs

KTW.Welding present the new kind of quality welding!

Our product features are:

  • cheap acquisition and maintenance costs compared to electron beam welders
  • flexible in the size scaling of the chamber, making series production possible
  • with 6 axis technology all geometries are weldable
  • no X-rays arise, therefore no shielding is necessary
  • laser radiation is not prone to magnetic deflection, unlike the electron beam welder
  • no tendency to spatter and no porosity in reactive metals
  • highly flexible number of laser beam heads, which reduces the necessary chamber volume
  • welding process is optically verifiable during the process
  • CNC control with process-specific and intuitive operator masks
  • flexible application of almost all laser types (NdYAK, diode laser etc.)

Datasheet: data-sheet-valsa-ru-1_en

Brochure: ktwvalsa-brochure2

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