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Compressed air is used extensively in the can making industry for a variety of purposes such as:

  1. Can cleaning: Compressed air is used to blow away any debris or contaminants from the cans before they are filled with the product.
  2. Can drying: Compressed air is used to dry the cans after they have been cleaned or rinsed.
  3. Can shaping: Compressed air is used to shape and form the cans during the manufacturing process.
  4. Can printing: Compressed air is used to power the printing machines that print labels or designs onto the cans.
  5. Can sealing: Compressed air is used to power the sealing machines that seal the lids onto the cans.

Overall, compressed air is a versatile and essential tool in the can making industry, helping to improve efficiency and productivity while ensuring the quality and safety of the final product.

Therefore we are proud to save a lot of energy and emissions with our partner Integrated Packaging Solutions in this industry.

Here you find some examples of the effect of our SmartValves:

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