we generate a double dividend

Your Investment Opportunities

Depending on the level of participation, KTW Technology offers various options for a sustainable and profitable investment.  All investors profit equally from the increase in value of the shares, the company's success and a possible exit.

Our actions generate a double dividend in that we create assets with high profitability and our customers make an important social contribution to environmental protection and sustainability with our products.

You invest with minimised risks, and that speaks for us:

Shared Experience

A very experienced team of engineers and manager

Future Orientation

Technologies from space that stand for simplicity, reliability and durability


Products that leave a positive environmental footprint


Interesting markets with high growth potential


We are enablers and drivers of progress

Thinking big

Solutions from KTW stand for a megatrend

Direct participation in KTW Technology with equity capital is possible for investment sums in the 6 to 7-digit range. Please feel free to send us an email: info@ktwsystems.de