KTW AirFlowSaver

Compressed Air System Providing 70+% Energy Savings for Virtually All Industrial Applications

Reduce compressed air consumption in your enterprise. Use less, achieve more, eliminate waste, and increase performance with a cost-efficient and customizable system that adapts to your needs and environment.

More efficiency - Less cost

Compressed air is an expensive energy source. Rising energy costs and the social focus on CO2-emissions and climate protection are aimed in particular at identifying and reducing energy wastage.

"It's time to rethink the use of compressed air!"

The first step in increasing the efficiency of compressed air systems is to optimise the applications. Only then is the optimisation of compressed air generation and distribution carried out. This is the only way to avoid oversizing the entire system.

How to Save on Compressed Air Consumption in Your Factory

KTW AirFlowSaver addresses the main issues of all compressed air applications. While an essential part of many processes, industrial compressed air is one of the most energy-intensive resources, costing up to ten times more than electricity. What’s even worse, a lot of it ends up wasted.

Energy losses in compressed air systems are dually bad for business. First, they waste money in the here and now. Secondly, an inefficient operation sets you up for difficulties in a future that is shaping up to be increasingly energy conscious and regulated due to efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions and energy waste.

So far, most efforts have focused on savings on the production side in the form of more energy-efficient compressors and reducing leakage. KTW AirFlowSaver, on the other hand, deals with the other side of the coin: reducing consumption. By lessening the overall need for compressed air, you can potentially scale down the entire compressed air system of your operation.

"Nearly 70% of all industrial compressed air applications can become more efficient with the KTW AirFlowSaver !"

How Does KTW AirFlowSaver Increase Energy Efficiency in Compressed Air Applications?

Based on the KTW Smart Valve Technology, in order to save compressed air in any system, KTW AirFlowSaver adheres to three principles:

  1. Pulsing over continuous flow – 
    Since air nozzle emissions are always strongest at the initial impulse, air pulsing allows for 15-20% more power while using up less compressed air. 

  2. Avoid waste 
    Equipped with a powerful controller unit, KTW AirFlowSaver only works when needed, whether at pre-configured intervals or sensor-triggered events. In addition, under pressure, the valves are set to off/closed by default, avoiding loss while not in use. 

  3.  Ability to switch back and forth quickly 
    The need to switch quickly between the open and closed position puts high demands on the valve both in terms of reaction time and durability. KTW AirFlowSaver excels in both areas with frequencies of up to 3,000hz and a guarantee of more than five billion switching cycles.

How can the KTW AirFlowSaver be used?

Regular pulsing

Event controlled pulsing

  • Pulsing with defined switching time and frequency
  • For continuous or regularly interrupted processes 
  • Increases the effect and reduces the compressed air consumption
  • Pulsing in response to event detected by sensor
  • Single or multiple pulses per event possible
  • Fixed switching times
  • Savings vary with number and length of interruptions

Benefits of Using KTW AirFlowSaver for Your Pneumatic Application

50-95% Reduction in Pressurized Air Use

Our clients see reductions in the use of compressed air by at least half while benefiting from 15-20% higher impulse force. The increased energy efficiency often allows scaling down entire compressed air systems. It also means faster processing times, improved effectiveness, and reduced energy cost, making your entire operation more efficient and cost effective.

Customizable to Your Needs

KTW AirFlowSaver is available in a wide range of configurations. You can customize the controller, valve, nozzle, sensor, as well as assembly and connector parts. As a consequence, it’s possible to pick the best components for the job, including existing equipment, and finetune each part to best fit your needs and process. At the same time, it makes it easy to upgrade and downgrade as needed.

Works With Your Existing Environment

Thanks to its modular makeup, the compressed air system integrates into any existing system or working environment. It is able to adapt to almost any industrial compressed air system, existing processes, and specific requirements. For example, KTW AirFlowSaver is available with pressure levels of 1-10 bars (higher levels on request). Some standard configurations for common compressed air applications (e.g. drying bottles) are available as well. Custom solutions can easily be created on demand. Additionally, you have the option to choose a rental option.

Flexible Modes of Operation

KTW AirFlowSaver can run in three different modes:

  1. Pulsed flow at a predetermined frequency for a fixed time
  2. Continuous pulsing with varied frequency over time
  3. Sensor-triggered, event-controlled pulsing

The controller is able to open and close the valve upon sensor impulse almost in real time. It has a reaction time of 1ms and a switching time of 1.5 to 2ms for a closed cycle.

Cost Efficient

KTW Smart Valves last several billion cycles, are easy to maintain, and rarely need replacement. The result: less downtime and fewer replacement costs. Our clients typically see amortization of their investment in less than a year.

Modular construction kit

The KTW AirFlowSaver consists of function-oriented modules. For each of these modules, different technical solutions are available in a configuration kit. Thus the KTW AirFlowSaver can be adapted to almost all requirements and framework conditions. Standard configurations are also available, e.g. for blowing off and drying beverage packs, bottles and cans.

Why a modular construction kit?

  • Simple configuration and adaptation to the specific requirements of the application
  • Functional containment or expansion possible, even using existing components 
  • Maximisation of system performance by selecting the most suitable components for the respective function (best-of-breed)
  • Optimisation of system performance by fine-tuning the functions of the individual components
  • Spatially distributed assembly of the individual components allows adaptation to almost all structural boundary conditions  


Impact of KTW AirFlowSaver

A pulsed compressed air jet is more powerful than a continuous jet
Pulsing consumes less compressed air than a continuous jet

Pulsing increases the mechanical stress on conventional compressed air valves, which often fail after only a few million switching cycles and have to be replaced.

The KTW SmartValve Technologie allows several billion switching cycles without loss of functionality.

The KTW AirFlowSaver ensures that compressed air is only used when necessary. Thus, the sensor detects the event, e.g. the presence of an object, where the compressed air flow needs to be opened. Due to the direct connection of the sensor with the valve controller, the switching of the valve takes place without delay in almost real time.

The flow of compressed air is closed for the entire period in which the sensor does not report an event. Switching on and off, e.g. during interruptions, standstills and/or pause times, is not absolutely necessary. Another cause of wasted compressed air is thus also eliminated. 

The switching speed of the valve is decisive for the pulse strength and the consumption of compressed air. With a reaction time of 1.0ms and a switching time of 1.5-2.0ms for a closed cycle), the KTW AirFlowSaver is a top performer among compressed air applications.

This enables very short yet powerful pulses with low air consumption - both with regular and event-controlled pulsing. These features also offer advantages for classic pneumatic applications.   


Reduce between 50 and 95% Compressed Air

Increases efficiency by 15 to 20%

Reduces the TCO of the overall compressed air system

Areas of Application for KTW AirFlowSaver

KTW AirFlowSaver is suitable to reduce compressed air use in a number of different pneumatic applications and industrial equipment, including:

  • Blowing off
  • Drying
  • Degreasing
  • Cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Material transport
  • Elimination of static charges
    (in combination with an ionization source)
  • Modulation
  • Fumigation/gassing
  • Vacuum creation

As a consequence, among others, the technology can benefit companies from the following industries:

  • Metal processing, incl. automated CNC processing
  • Packaging
  • Electronics manufacturing and packaging
  • Filling and bottling
  • Chemical processing
  • Manufacturing/processing of synthetics
  • Die casting, pressure casting
  • Surface finishing
  • Paper, wood, and furniture manufacturing

Sample Applications

Our customer Integrated Packaging Solutions supports the can industry with products, services and training that help customers produce more quality cans. Headquartered in Colorado, USA, IPS has built a global customer base that excels in innovation, quality and reliability.

In the video, Kalvis, Global Director Business Development explains which efficiency and savings successes are achieved with our valve technology in the "Bodymaker" and "Cupper".

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