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Cooperation with Lanxess

We are proud to announce our cooperation with Lanxess, especially to push their new sustainable product Nagardo in the beverage market.

2. Generation of our High-speed Precision Dosing System is ready developed

The result of the 2nd generation high-speed dosing system from KTW Technology GmbH is an unrivaled, innovative dosing system with high application flexibility that meets today’s challenges in the beverage industry. The plant has the following key features and is customizable.: The dosing system consists of the supply unit and the valve station. The supply …

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2. Generation High-speed Precision Dosing fertig entwickelt

Das Ergebnis der 2. Generation der Schnelldosieranlage der KTW Technology GmbH ist eine konkurrenzlose, innovative Dosieranlage mit hoher Einsatzflexibilität, die den heutigen Herausforderungen der Getränkeindustrie gerecht wird. Die Anlage verfügt die folgenden wesentlichen Eigenschaften und ist kundenspezifisch anpassbar.: Die Dosieranlage besteht aus demVersorgungsaggregat und der Ventilstation. Das Versorgungsaggregat kann bis zu 20m von der Ventilstation …

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Win-win Cooperation with CSM

We at KTW Technology GmbH firmly believe that in today’s fast-paced economy, win-win cooperation is the fastest way to meet market needs and customer demands. Therefore, we are looking forward to conquer the European market with CSM’s innovative solutions for liquid nitrogen. It is our self-image that our customers get only the best quality and the latest …

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More Efficiency and Sustainability in Can Manufacturing Industry

Our customer Integrated Packaging Solutions supports the can-manufacturing industry by providing specialized products and can-making services. We are proud that they use our SmartValve technology to increase efficiency and sustainability in the #canmanufacturing industry. They retrofit for example the existing  #valves in the #cupper by 8 of our #airflowsaver and reduce 456.000 kWh of #energy per year. This equal to 360,000 pounds of #coal burned or a #carbon capture of 386 …

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Yes we CAN

Compressed air is used extensively in the can making industry for a variety of purposes such as: Overall, compressed air is a versatile and essential tool in the can making industry, helping to improve efficiency and productivity while ensuring the quality and safety of the final product. Therefore we are proud to save a lot …

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Liquid Dosing

Nitrogen Dosing for food industry

We are thrilled to announce the exclusive partnership with Cryogenic Speciality Manufacturing for liquid nitrogen dosing. Read more in the attached press release: Cryogenic Specialty Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. (CSM), a leading provider of liquid nitrogen dosing solutions in the food industry in Asia, has partnered with KTW Technology GmbH (KTW), a leading provider of innovative system solutions for discontinuous direct dosing of liquids such …

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We disrupt the beverage market

To shorten the distance from the filling of beverages to the customer is what KTW Technology understand by Bottling on Demand Read how we do it:

Druckluft und das Einsparpotential

Wenn das Geld aus dem Fenster geworfen wird oder wie einfach es ist Energiekosten und Emissionen einzusparen. Übrigens gibt die die Industrie weltweit 200 Mrd. $ für die Erzeugung und Verwendung von Druckluft aus. Der Einsatz von #Druckluft findet in der #Industrie so gut wie überall statt. Dabei ist sie extrem teuer, da nur ca. 7,5% der aufwendeten #Energie genutzt wird. …

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